Thanks for your consideration!
I love all sorts of stories and am open to any genre. I tend to go with whatever my heart desires that month. It changes a lot and is often dependent on the types of stories I’m working on myself. Thus, when submitting your review request, include a simple logline or short summary. If it fits into my horizon, I’ll take it!

I accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors, as well as screenwriters, filmmakers of any genre.

I will do my best to review projects in a timely manner, but since I travel a lot and work on my own stuff, it can get a little hectic to schedule everything into my editorial calendar.

I accept review copies in hardcover, paperback, digital .mobi files, and audiobooks. PDF’s are good for screenplays. Please include a release date and any relevant information. Also let me know if there’s a deadline you need it reviewed by, as that might matter in the decision making process.

I don’t lie in my reviews. I will not sugar coat my opinion for you. However, I do believe in civilized discourse. If I publish an unfavorable review, I am open to engage in a public discussion that might be educational for my readers.

I may do features in the future: author/filmmaker interviews, giveaways, blog tours, guest blogging, cover reveals, and film festival coverage. If you happen to want to collaborate on those, shoot me a message!