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The Danish Girl – LUCINDA COXON

The Danish Girl Book Cover The Danish Girl
Tom Hooper
Lucinda Coxon
Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander

The Danish Girl is based on a 2000 novel by David Ebershoff and tells the story of real-life transgender woman Lili Elbe who was born Einar Wegener in the 1800s in Denmark. The film establishes Einar as a successful artist in a loving marriage with Gerda Wegener, a talented painter in her own right, and tracks the emotional and legal challenges as Einar begins her journey to transition, undergoing one of the earliest recorded sex-reassignment surgeries in history.

The telling of such a story comes at an apt time. Too long have trans experiences been marginalized and branded as too risqué or too perverse for mainstream consumption. There are powerful activists reigning the stage to raise awareness today, from Laverne Cox, a well-known cast member of Orange is the New Black to model Geena Rocero (watch her wonderful TED talk!), Hollywood has finally made the decision tell one of the many stories the community has to tell through its mainstream avenues.

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