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Spiritual Strokes Beyond Belief: Da Vinci, Caravaggio, and the Sacred Mary – Jesus Duo

My recent domestic travels over winter break brought me to San Francisco’s Legion of Honor, Seattle’s Museum of Art, and the illustrious museum row pair of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Frick Collection in New York. These visits, coupled with my weekly docent training at the Getty Museum, where the second half of our days transpire in shared contemplation of art, fully immerse me in a fantastical and sometimes deeply spiritual world. I amble in many hallowed halls of museums, sometimes alone, but often with colleagues or willing loved ones, and now, finally, after many days of exposure, art created long before I walked this earth, uncovered a revelation that I did not think would apply to me: religious paintings are profoundly transformative.

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Who Knows the Master of Saint Cecilia?

Embarking on my second teaching practicum at the Getty—a departure from the grandeur of a mid-18th Century French bed in my first assignment—I find myself floating into a Renaissance painting titled “Madonna and Child,” dating back to 1290-1295. At an initial glance, it seems to be a rather typical church piece, the kind that might tempt you to casually stroll past in a museum due to its ubiquitous and overdone subject matter. In my secular life, untouched by the dominance of any particular faith, I pride myself in maintaining a healthy aversion to valuing a woman’s worth based on the status of her virginity or perceived purity.

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A New Adventure at The Getty

My youngest daughter, now a proud two-and-a-half-year-old, has recently embarked on her daycare journey. With this milestone, another part of my mind has liberally dislodged itself from the all-encompassing realm of 24/7 parenting, and instead is mercifully reorganizing around my individual passions and interests. Suddenly, I have time — time to explore new avenues, daydream, and immerse myself in art again. It’s a welcomed shift, allowing me to engage in conversations with grown adults, free from the constant demands of replenishing milk bottles and band-aids.

Being a parent has sparked a desire to venture into the realm of arts education, in addition to my professional filmmaking pursuits. Last year, I began to lecture at various colleges on filmmaking, and I have since made the decision to delve into academia more extensively this year. Because why not? I have the graduate degree and the industry experience to go with it. Wish me luck. I appreciate the good vibes sent my way.

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