About Me

Greetings! I’m Nadine, an omnivorous aesthete with a profound appreciation for aesthetics across diverse art forms. My passion encompasses fine arts, captivating narratives in literature, and the enchanting world of cinema. I revel in the beauty of it all.

In my artistic pursuits, I engage in writing, sketching, cooking, gardening, photography, filmmaking, piano tinkering, and expressive movements that some may label as yoga or dance. I’ve had the privilege of professionally directing several indie films, both short and feature-length.

Becoming a mother to two wonderfully unique girls has sparked my interest in arts education. I now serve as a docent at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and occasionally deliver lectures in film classes at universities nationwide.

About the Blog

Welcome to The Pen and Camera Blog, a space where I share musings on all things creative. It’s not intended as an academic discourse; rather, it’s a place for me to gather my random thoughts. If you happen to stumble upon it and wish to join the conversation, feel free to reach out! I’m transitioning away from traditional social media platforms, finding them too hyperactive. This site is my focus, written with myself as the primary audience, but you’re invited to engage. It’s a public blog, open for interaction and discussion. Expect a blend of memoir-esque writing, so consider yourself forewarned.

Here’s to celebrating art, using our voices, and sharing our stories. Thank you for dropping by The Pen and Camera.

With Love,


P.S.: I’m an immigrant, and English is my third language (alongside Vietnamese and German). That might earn me a few get-out-of-jail cards for typos and grammatical errors.