I have long been drawn to all things vintage. I love typewriters for example. They are there for you to write stories and nothing more. Record players only play music for you to enjoy. And watches are there to exclusively tell time and only time.


I have fond memories of my father collecting watches back in the 80s and 90s. He seemed fascinated with both the mechanics and the internal miniature architecture. Every week, I would watch him push his eyeglass above his forehead, so he could inspect his wrist treasures up close and personal. It’s my favorite image of my father.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in awe of my smart phone. It’s so smart, it can show me movies, play music, let me read books and tell time and weather conditions all across the globe at the press of the button. As I’ve grown older in the age of digital multi-purpose technology, however, I have begun to fully embrace these trinkets of the past. They are mindful. They slow our fast paced life down. I often find myself writing journal entries on my typewriter. I have a record player to play jazz music on as I sip on my morning coffee. And yes, I have begun a tiny collection of watches just like my dad, which some of you may have spotted on my instagram account.

I wanted to steer your attention toward a special kind of brand I recently discovered. They are called JORD Wood Watches. These are plain gorgeous and elegant, and even though they scream elegance of the olden days, the mere fact that they are made from a variety of woods makes them an oddly modern invention. I received one of their unique men’s watches of the Frankie line and plan on gifting it to my dad. But before that, I couldn’t resist toting it around as an oversized (yes, I love all things oversized, too!) women’s watch and it’s an eye-catcher for sure!

Holidays are around the corner. It’s the season of gifting the ones you love with mindful presents. So hello there! It’s YOUR DAY TODAY. I’m teaming up with JORD to give away an exclusive coupon for $25 off any purchase on JORD’s website to EVERYONE who enters.

Go to the JORD website and fill in your info and receive your instant $25 off coupon. The giveaway runs until 12/19/17

Happy Holidays!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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